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  • Historical Memory of Central and East European Communism

  • By Agnieszka Mrozik , Stanislav Holubec | 03 Jul 18 | Posted under: Central and Eastern Europe , History
  • We proudly present the book “Historical Memory of Central and East European Communism”, published by Routledge in the series “Routledge Studies in Cultural History”.

    The volume deals with the historical memory of the communist movement in Central and Eastern Europe when it was in power, with the memory of communism as a part of post-1989 left identity, and with state-socialist and post-socialist memorial landscapes.

    The book is a unique piece of study https://www.transform-network.net/written by scholars of various national and disciplinary backgrounds: historians, political scientists, culture and literary scholars.

    • The first section analyzes the post-1989 memory of communism and state socialism and the self-identity of the Eastern and Western European left.
    • The second section examines the state-socialist and post-socialist memorial landscapes in the former German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia.
    • The final section concentrates on the narratives the movement established, when in power, about its own past, with the examples of the Soviet Union, Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia.

    The contributions were coordinated by Dagmar Švendová and proofread by Eric Canepa with the support of transform! europe.


    Routledge publishing house provides free access to the book until August 25, 2018: https://rdcu.be/0Gzt


    We wish you a pleasant reading!

    Agnieszka Mrozik and Stanislav Holubec, the book editors


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