• Winning a Battle, Not the War
  • Austria’s far-right has suffered a setback, but it would be a mistake to believe the dynamic that created is broken.
  • Departing Towards a New Left in Austria?
  • On 3 and 4 June, around 1000 people came together in Vienna for the “Aufbruch” (“departure”) conference, hoping to create a movement, that, however defined, could serve as a new umbrella of the Austrian left and as a challenge and alternative to the...
  • Rejection of a Far-Right President
  • On Sunday 22 May, Austria elected its President in the second round. The results of the two candidates were so close that the election was decided when the voting cards were counted on Monday. The neoliberal, green, bourgeois and democratic...
  • The (Not So) Slow Murder of the Geneva Convention
  • The Reactionary Rebellion (read the essay by Walter Baier) is gaining steam in Austria and Germany and de-facto abolishing the Geneva convention on refugees, which sets a dangerous precedent for others in the region.
  • Far-right Party Gains Almost One Third of the Vote
  • The Social Democrat Party was slightly weakened but not defeated. The far-right Freedom Party won almost one third of the vote, making it the city’s second most powerful party. The left-wing alliance saw a slight improvement in its results at ward...
  • Austria Voted Paradoxically
  • The outcome of the Austrian parliamentary elections must seem paradoxical all across Europe. Despite the – by comparison – favorable economic data, the ruling “Great Coalition” of Social Democrats (SPÖ) and Conservatives (ÖVP) was punished. Their...
  • Austrian Communists Score Amazing Success
  • The result of the local elections in Graz, the second largest Austrian city, was by the media and the political establishment perceived as a kind of political earthquake.


  • Winning a Battle, Not the War
  • Austria’s far-right has suffered a setback, but it would be a mistake to believe the dynamic that created is broken.


  • Basic Income in Austria: A Research Proposal
  • In the last decade the condition of Austria’s population and that of other EU member states has deteriorated, with increasingly unequal income distribution, a greater number of working poor and high levels of unemployment. Thus, it comes as no...
  • Immigration is Good, Immigration is Bad, Migration IS (A Fact)
  • This contribution to debate from our 2012 journal describes how the European discourse on migration (as a fact that has always been happening) can and should be understood in the broader context of class struggles, instrumentalised for identity...
  • Book Review - Persecution: The Austrian §278a as an Example
  • It is not certain if the attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001 were the kick-off for the rollercoaster ride the financial markets have been on ever since. This careening up- and downhill has triggered...
  • Power in Paradise: The 2010 Vienna Elections
  • The Mercer 2010 Quality of Living Ranking shows that the Austrian capital of Vienna (population: 1.7 million) is the world’s best place to live. Critics remark that the criteria for this survey are chosen for the information of ex-pats and do not...