• Germany sets Course
  • This paper on German politics deals with several questions: What is the current situation? How to organize a so-called third pole, the political camp of solidarity? How to re-organize the left party and how to handle the question of a centre-left...


  • A Political Earthquake in Germany
  • With a vote of 41.5 % for the CDU/CSU, the election results in Germany reflect a broad acceptance of Angela Merkel’s policies.
  • The LEFT
  • The LEFT received 8.4 percent of the vote in the 2005 federal elections and is now represented with fraction strength in the German Bundestag. As is generally known, in their agreement the Left Party.PDS and the WASG (Electoral Alternative for Social...
  • The LINKE after the Elections of 2011
  • The Berlin elections of September 2011 were the last in this year’s election cycle of seven regional and two communal elections. On the positive side, the LINKE has been able to assert itself as a political force for social justice. However, in all...


  • On the 2016 Berlin election results
  • From a left-wing perspective, the results of the Berlin state election held on 18 September 2016 can be perceived as a success due to the good performance of the LEFT (Die LINKE). However, looking at the high approval rating for the AfD (Alternative...
  • The 2016 German Regional Elections
  • The regional elections held on 13 March 2016 in the German states of Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt were the first elections to take place in some of the larger German regions since the European elections and the regional...
  • The (Not So) Slow Murder of the Geneva Convention
  • The Reactionary Rebellion (read the essay by Walter Baier) is gaining steam in Austria and Germany and de-facto abolishing the Geneva convention on refugees, which sets a dangerous precedent for others in the region.
  • Standing together rather than standing alone
  • The case of Greece, the austerity policies imposed by the Eurogroup and the fact that hardliners in the governments of Germany and other countries have been blackmailing the Greek government to implement neoliberal programmes have led to discussions...
  • The 18th German Bundestag Elections
  • The Christdemocratic Union (CDU) is the winner of this year’s German elections. The party could again increase their share of the votes to over 40% and thus suceeded in gaining a considerable plus.
  • Fighting Plant Closures
  • Results of a study from Germany The crisis on the international financial markets has had a powerful impact on the real economy. The explosive nature of the situation is produced by two crises coming together and to an extent reinforcing each...


  • Germany
  • Elections 2014 *** Find a first election analysis (25 May) by Horst Kahrs on the right at "Documentation". *** IN POWER: CDU (right) Radical left party in the EP: 8 seats of 99 The Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS), heir to the...