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  • transform! Solidarity Statement
  • Shut-down of “Rialto Rome”

  • 21 Feb 17
  • Rialto Sant’Ambrogio is a social space, in an abandoned building, partially used by the municipality of Rome and partially occupied by diverse associations. On 16 February the municipality of Rome has given order to raid the occupied spaces.
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  • Matinee with Nancy Fraser, Eli Zaretzky, Marlene Streeruwitz, and Walter Baier
  • Trump: What does his election bring for the world?

  • 18 March 2017 - 18 March 2017 |   Vienna
  • The election of a man to the role of 45th President of the USA who not only makes no attempt to hide his racist views and contempt for women, but who has actually turned these into his trademarks came as a surprise. The world stands amazed to see what is actually possible. 
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  • Call for Mobilizations on 23-25 March in Rome
  • ‘Our Europe – Unity, Democracy, Solidarity’

  • 21 Feb 17
  • A broad coalition of social movements, trade unions, social and political actors and organizations is committed to build up together, from 23 to 25 March in Rome a huge European mobilization, when the EU leaders will gather to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome.
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  • Report on the transform! Vienna Symposium
  • ‘The Middle East at Historical Crossroads’

  • By Katerina Anastasiou | 01 Feb 17
  • The Vienna Symposium entitled ‘The Middle East at Historical Crossroads’ took place at the Vienna premises of transform! europe, only days after the UN resolution of 23 December 2016* was passed which condemned the continuation of Israel’s settlement activities. With this symposium, we kicked off a new series of projects for 2017. They will be centred around viable left global strategies, and we consider the peace process in the war-torn Middle East a crucial part thereof.
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  • Videos and Audiofiles online!
  • Marxism-Feminism Conference “Building Bridges”

  • 30 Jan 17
  • The videos and audiofiles of the panels of the Marxist-Feminist conference “Building Bridges – shifting and strengthening visions – exploring alternatives“ in Vienna last October are now available.
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  • Concluding remarks at the transform! Vienna Symposium (14-16 January)
  • There still remains hope for the Middle East

  • By Walter Baier | 23 Jan 17
  • Finding a just and sustainable solution for the Middle East means contributing immensely to peace and security for Europe, without which welfare and democracy in Europe will not be secured. Europe’s left has to assume its responsibility, also in its own interest.
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  • In 2016 the cohesion of the European Union was tested as never before. Popular dissatisfaction with the national and European neoliberal orders – culminating in Brexit – gave an impetus to populist radical right forces. Nevertheless, several...

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