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  • French Presidential Election
  • An Earthquake? Yes and No

  • Auteur Maxime Benatouil | 25 Apr 17
  • After the predicted but non-the-less spectacular result of the first round of the presidential election, on the left urgent questions are burning each and everyone’s lips: what shall we do in two weeks?
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  • ePaper
  • The verdict of the LuxLeaks appeal – a scandal and a disgrace

  • Auteur Justin Turpel | 13 Apr 17
  • On 15 March 2017, the Luxembourg court of appeal ruled on the ‘LuxLeaks’ scandal. Although the court did not dare sentence the journalist, who it commends as a ‘responsible journalist’, the sentences issued to the whistleblowers are disgraceful, albeit less severe than the initial sentences. Just as concerning, the court’s decision is based on a highly disturbing reasoning…
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  • ePaper on an Offensive Double Strategy
  • Germany sets Course

  • Auteur Michael Brie, Mario Candeias | 10 Apr 17
  • This paper on German politics deals with several questions: What is the current situation? How to organize a so-called third pole, the political camp of solidarity? How to re-organize the left party and how to handle the question of a centre-left government?
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  • Serbian Presidential Elections
  • Democracy Is More Than Just Elections

  • Auteur Vladimir Simović | 10 Apr 17
  • In last five years in Serbia the dominant political actor is conservative Serbian Progressive Party (SPP). In this period the opposition was hit by the defeat from which it hasn’t recovered until today and it does not represent substantial alternative to the current regime. 
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  • The European Union and the Left
  • Social Evolutions
  • The Left: Past and Present
  • Voters – Right-Wing Appeals and the Left
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The Bail Out Business is the most comprehensive and thorough report on the steps taken since the 2008 crisis to understand who benefits from rescue packages in the EU – Sol Trumbo Vila, TNI


À l'occasion des élections européennes de 2014, des partis radicaux de droite ont été placés en tête du scrutin dans trois pays. Des partis de droite avec un programme nationaliste et populiste...

  Sélection d'interventions controversées sur le débat concernant le futur de l'euro.

Les nouveaux acteurs sociaux créent de nouveaux défis pour les formes de l'organisation de l'action politique.

Dernières analyses de la crise, approfondissement de la compréhension théorique de ses causes structurelles et des débats relatifs aux alternatives politiques.