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  • Ten Years Later: A Short Introduction
  • The subject of this dossier of Transform! is the alter-globalisation movement. This movement can be considered one of the major political innovations of the late the 20th century. It is within it that the new forms of capitalist exploitation and economic...
  • New Strategic Orientations for the WSF?*
  • For the 10th anniversary of the World Social Forum (WSF), two encounters were organised in Brazil: the first at Porto Alegre, from January 25 to 29 and the other at Salvado de Bahia, from January 29 to 31. They took place in the context of a year of action...
  • The Social Forums and the Left in Latin America
  • The question I had been asked by the editors of this publication - “What has been the contribution of the Social Forums to the experiences of the left in Latin America?”- cannot be answered that easily. In order to learn lessons for the political struggle it is...
  • The Crisis and the Future of the ESF
  • The ESF has experienced many problems over the years, and we should be honest enough to admit that it has been on a downward course ever since the first and most successful one was organised in Florence in 2002. The ESF is therefore in a crisis, and we need to...
  • European Social Forums (ESF)
  • The ESF process is very important for Transform! because our network was formed during our participation in earlier ESF forums. And Transform! is in turn an important actor of the Forum.  In this first issue of our magazine Transform! we would like to contribute...
  • "Cosmopolitan futures. Global activism for a just world."
  • For an institution which has recently moved to its second decade of existence, the time is ripe to undergo a thorough discussion of its future direction. The World Social Forum (WSF) - the great gathering of global justice activists, an inspiration for innumerable people worldwide, even hailed as “the world parliament in exile” in its early days - is in such a point.



  • WSF: Resolution and a Plan of Action
  • "Other News" is a personal initiative seeking to provide information that should be in the media but is not, because of commercial criteria. It welcomes contributions from everybody. Work areas include information on global issues, north-south relations,...
  • Diary of the World Social Forum 2009 in Belém do Pará
  • Before the WSF The World Social Forum starts this Tuesday, in Belém do Pará, close to the Amazon Rain Forest. More than one hundred thousand participants are expected, to attend more than two thousand panels and discussion seminars, as well as over a thousand...
  • transform! europe at ESF 2008 in Malmö
  • transform!europe is a European network which consists of research and educational institutions and magazines in 13 European countries. Since its foundation transform!europe has participated in all European Social Forums. In Malmö, the network and its members will...
  • European Social Forum on its way to Istanbul
  • The EPA was held in Vienna from 19 to 21 June. More than 70 organizations from Turkey are involved in the organization of the next European Social Forum (ESF), to be held in Istanbul, in June 2010. This open and dynamic process was presented and discussed in the...
  • Mesopotamia Social Forum (MSF) in Diyarbakir
  • Thousands of activists from more than 50 countries participated in the Mesopotamia Social Forum, in Diyarbakir, (southeast Turkey). The struggles against war and neo-liberal policies, the fight for the rights of women, the environmental problems and the youth...
  • Axes for European Social Forum defined in Diyarbakir and Paris
  • 13 axes of discussion were defined for the European Social Forum - 2010 that will be held in Istanbul (1 to 4 of July), after the meeting of a working group last saturday (November, 21), in Paris, and a previous discussion in the European Preparatory Assembly...
  • On the Move to the Next World Social Forum
  • From May 5th to 9th, the International Council of the World Social Forum came together in Mexico City in a meeting to prepare the next edition of the World Social Forum in February next year in Dakar, Senegal. At the beginning of the meeting this year’s...
  • ESF: After the Meeting in Paris
  • Dear friends, Just below a message from the french committee: The CIFS (French initiative committee on social forums) met on the 15th of November to assess the european assembly held on October, 23-24 in Paris and to consider the follow-up steps that should be...
  • ESF Istanbul 2010: Analysis and Reports
  • transform!europe participated in the 6th European Social Forum held in Istanbul, July 2010.  The seminars co- organised by transform!europe were: Which political answer to the crisis ?Analysis of the car industry crisis: what kind of social and ecological...
  • Florence 10+10: Europe and Democracy
  • In the last two years the ruling classes – economic and political – have transformed the EU in order to respond to the financial, economic, and social crisis. The neoliberal response has been the same throughout the EU: fiscal consolidation, austerity measures,...
  • Firenze 10+10: Joining Forces for Another Europe
  • In November, European social movements will meet in Florence to plan continent-wide responses to austerity and the European crisis of democracy. Tommaso Fattori calls for us to make ‘Firenze 10+10’ a priority
  • Firenze 10+10
  • Initiated and organised by social movements, ten years after the first European Social Forum in Florence, the Firenze 10+10 assembly took place. Along the five thematic axes: Democracy / Finance, debt, austerity / Labour and social rights / Commons and public...
  • For a European Spring! Our Democracy against their Austerity!
  • “For a European Spring” is a call for actions, strikes and demonstrations all over Europe on 13 March, and for a pan-European demonstration and creative actions in the city of Brussels on 14 March. It is targeted at the EU Spring Summit, where leaders from across the continent will assemble on 14 and 15 to strengthen the European Council's response to the crisis.
  • Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly of the WSF
  • We publish here the declaration of the Social Movements Assembly of the recent World Social Forum in Tunisia. "We are gathered here to affirm the fundamental contribution of peoples of Maghreb-Mashrek (from North Africa to the Middle East), in the construction of human civilization. We affirm that decolonization for oppressed peoples remains for us, the social movements of the world, a challenge of the greatest importance.
  • World Social Forum in Tunis
  • As we had expected, the WSF in Tunis was a great moment of solidarity with the people of Tunisia, two years after the Tunisian uprising against Ben Ali. It was also a great time to strengthen the democratic camp in the Arabian world.
  • First Central and Eastern European Social and Environmental Forum
  • From 2 to 5 May 2013 the first Central and Eastern European Social and Environmental Forum (CEESF) took place in Vienna, Austria. About 150 participants from 12 European countries discussed along the title “Revolts in the Periphery?” both the economic and political situation of central and eastern European countries during the current financial crisis.
  • Peoples, united, never shall be defeated!
  • The Assembly of Social Movements of the WSF 2015, Tunisia is where we come together in all our diversity, in order to forge a collective agenda to fight capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, racism and all forms of discrimination and oppression.



  • Central and Eastern European Social and Environmental Forum (CESEF)
  • The CESEF is considered as a part of the WSF-process. Its importance lies in the fact that the common problems of the CEE region which have been marginalized up to now in the European Social Forum will be highlighted. The consequences of the semi-peripheral (or peripheral) situation of CEE will be analyzed and a joint action programme hammered as the main outcome.