• Ernest Mandel Biography
  • Jan Willem Stutje, Ernest Mandel: A Rebel’s Dream Deferred, London: Verso 2009; translated by Christopher Beck and Peter Drucker, 392 pages. This is the first systematic biography of the main leader and theoretician of the Fourth International after 1945 and, as...
  • Bleak Progress
  • On Michael Löwy’s Book "Juifs hétérodoxes, romantisme, messianisme, utopie" (Heterodox Jews, Romanticism, Messianism, Utopia)
  • Book Review - Persecution: The Austrian §278a as an Example
  • It is not certain if the attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001 were the kick-off for the rollercoaster ride the financial markets have been on ever since. This careening up- and downhill has triggered upheavals in...
  • Asbjørn Wahl on the Rise and Fall of the Welfare State
  • This book is a manifesto in the best sense of the word. Asbjørn Wahl is already well-known for his studies of socio-political and trade-union issues. Now he is presenting a study dealing with fundamental questions of “the social” in capitalism. It was first...
  • European Union in the Constellation of Neoliberalism
  • Edward Thompson is our finest socialist writer today - certainly in England, possibly in Europe’.1 With this flattering statement 33 years ago Perry Anderson began his monograph on E. P. Thompson Arguments within English Marxism. A fair historical judgment would...
  • "Cosmopolitan futures. Global activism for a just world."
  • For an institution which has recently moved to its second decade of existence, the time is ripe to undergo a thorough discussion of its future direction. The World Social Forum (WSF) - the great gathering of global justice activists, an inspiration for innumerable people worldwide, even hailed as “the world parliament in exile” in its early days - is in such a point.