• On Economic Democracy
  • Throughout the world there is consensus around the idea of democracy as the one and only viable concept of a good order. However, that consensual view remains restricted to the realm of politics. A good society today is conceived as a mix of political democracy and … a capitalist market economy.
  • Economic Democracy: A Crisis Alternative
  • On June 22, 2009, at the initiative of Espaces Marx (transform!) and the regional government of the Île de France, labour leaders, elected officials, scholars and representatives of civil society met to discuss economic democracy as an alternative to the...
  • Citizenship: A Fundamental Issue for Democracy
  • When I was elected to the European Parliament in June, 2009, I wanted to continue to fight as I always have for human rights and citizenship, which are not separate issues, as well as for popular education, in the widest sense of the term, and for a social...
  • Egypt - After the Revolution is Before the Revolution
  • Sure, we were all happy. And of course we celebrated. The whole world was watching Egypt. We were enormously proud. But then? The Egyptians have returned to daily life, which has become much more difficult than before, because the economy is suffering. With the...
  • From Oligarchy to the New Challenge of Global Politics
  • Most analysts and citizens of Western society suppose that we live in a democracy. But is it really democracy – a system where the people rule and its representatives carry out the popular will? Or, do we live in an oligarchy disguised as democracy? Oligarchy:...
  • Economic Democracy – An Alternative for Europe?
  • Updating considerations of economic democracy does not happen by mere coincidence, but represents historically specific attempts1 to provide answers to fundamental processes of transformation in times of crisis (Castel 2011) accompanied by massive failures of...
  • What Science for What Democracy?
  • The expression “science and democracy” has been spreading. Its meaning, consequently, is becoming polysemous. Is there, on the one hand, an eternal “science” (more or less fantasised) and, on the other, a “democracy” that has to be “administered” to that science...
  • Democracy in Crisis
  • Let me begin this article with an initial claim. The current crisis does not pertain solely to the performance of economic indicators and to the functioning of economic institutions. Rather it is also a crisis of meaning, values and consciousness. We are...
  • Democracy in Times of Crisis
  • The capitalist social formation finds itself in one of its major crises. The economic and financial crisis has primarily struck the centres of capitalism.
  • Russia: The Illusion of Accord – The Reality of Confrontation
  • An objective critical and constructive analysis of Russian reality is typically impeded by widespread myths. Most notably, there is the myth of the totalitarian sole dictator – the omnipotent Russian president. The demonic image of Vladimir Putin is also...



  • Radical Community Manager Seminar in Amsterdam
  • Spanish collective Xnet that helped arrest the former Managing Director of the IMF came to Amsterdam to share their skills, tools and strategies with social movements, civil society organisations from all over Europe.
  • Democracy, power and sovereignty in today’s Europe
  • In a wide-ranging interview, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, argues that the nation-state is dead and democracy in the EU has been replaced by a toxic algorithmic depoliticisation that, if it is not confronted, will lead to depression, disintegration and possibly war in Europe. He calls for a launch of a pan-European movement to democratise Europe, to save it before it is too late.
  • The global post-democratic order
  • In the era of globalisation, the steady removal of decision-making from democratic chambers by EU elites is serving as a blueprint for post-democratic governance around the world. Progressives must be ambitious and start putting forward ideas for a democratic world government as a viable alternative.
  • #TalkRealYanis – Democracy in Europe
  • Here you can watch the livestream of the special edition of the political webshow TalkReal on 8 February, one day before the launch of the new movement DiEM25 by Yanis Varoufakis.
  • DiEM and Co.
  • The European Crisis is leading to rampant chauvinism, racism, and disintegration. Driven by this dynamic Europe is governed by state-of-emergency politics. Austerity, an intensified dismantling of labour and social rights and an inhuman, militarized border regime are being implemented in authoritarian ways, while asylum law is being whittled away.