• Swedish Politics Up in the Air
  • Going into 2015, everything about the Swedish political landscape is up in the air. In a country where the social democrats held power – singlehandedly or supported by one or two other parties – during almost all of the 20th century, they are now...
  • Fires at the Periphery of Stockholm
  • Mid May, Stockholm suburbs have been ablaze with fires. Cars have been torched in suburbs around the city and when the fire-fighters and police arrive they have been met by youths throwing stones. Why this? Why now? How come in Sweden?


  • Sweden
  • June 7 +++ So it’s decided, Feminist initiative will join the Social democratic party group in the EU parliament. They’ve hade discussions with the greens and GUE/NGL, according to the party chair person Gudrun Schyman, but they’ve decided on the...