• ‘Reinventing Law for the Commons’
  • Nicos Poulantzas Institute in cooperation with transform! europe organized an open lecture of David Bollier, researcher, activist and writer of a series of books concerning Commons. Find here the short report of the event on 14 February.
  • Copyright versus Community
  • As a continuation of NPI’s research work on ‘commons’, an open event was organized in Athens on 11 April in cooperation with transform! europe. The speech was given by Dr. Richard Stallman under the title ‘Copyright vs. Community’.
  • Production and Commons Workshop
  • Activists and social researchers from across Europe discussed concrete ways to overcome the capitalist organization of production through commoning and factory workers’ self-management.
  • Promoting the social commons
  • Sustaining the planet, preparing the future, building another world … this daunting task for current generations is also a promising manifestation of care for the future of humankind and of nature.


  • Copyright Against Community
  • Nicos Poulantzas Institute and transform! europe are co-hosting the event on 11 April with Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), as keynote speaker.


  • Socialisation and Commons in Europe
  • We present our first transform! eBook, which deals with the promising topic of the Commons. It is a reiteration of the essential discussions held during a European seminar in Paris in November 2014. You can download the eBook in EPUB (for eBook...


  • Cooperativism and Self-management in Italy
  • The discussion and the movement underway around the issue of the commons – common goods is the term used in Italy – benefits from knowing something of its prehistory. This is particularly true for our country. Indeed, if in Italy, too, the...
  • The Commons and Global Sustainable Information Society (GSIS)
  • The age of global challenges The information age is the age of the societies into which industrialised societies are transforming, as seen in the spread of new information and communication technologies (ICTs), just as the industrial age is the age...
  • Mutualism Between Tradition and Modernity [1]
  • One of the most important trade-union and political leaders of the Italian labour movement, Vittorio Foa (1910-2008), explained the reason for his study on the birth of the labour movement, both Italian and European, at the turn of the 19th to the...
  • The Common: An Essay on the 21st-Century Revolution
  • Our point of departure is that the common is a principle of political activity constituted by the specific activity of deliberation, judgement, decision, and the implementation of decisions. However, this and the fuller definition we present at the...
  • Towards a Society of the Commons[1]
  • The re-emergence of the commons For much of the history of industrial and post-industrial capitalism, political conflict has been between state and market, the issue being whether to use state mechanisms for the regulation of the excesses of market...
  • Twofold Transformation: Strategic Challenges for the Left
  • The origins of transformation: The Great French Revolution and the Declaration of Human and Civil Rights All of us, whether we are we are politically on the left or the right, act in the light cast by the Great French Revolution of 1789. All...
  • A political vision for the Commons*
  • The concept of common good has been increasingly present in class struggles. Could this reference to the concept of ‘the Commons’ lay the groundwork for a political project that surpasses ownership? One could think so given the many discussion...