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  • Green peasant blues in Lithuania

  • By Algirdas Davidavičius | 05 Dec 16
  • Against the backdrop of the current rise in neo-nationalism and the growing xenophobia in the EU and across the Atlantic, one could say that the recent Lithuanian elections, which ended on 23 October, almost seemed to pass with bucolic tranquility. But it is a prelude to yet another phase of a deepening post-democratic crisis affecting national democracies without a politically mobilized precariat in the region.
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  • Abortion Strike
  • For Formal Freedoms and Real. The ‘Black Protest’ in Poland

  • By Agata Czarnacka | 30 Nov 16
  • Given that Poland has one of the lowest natality rates in EU, and its population does not comprise from nuns, priests and friars but regular people, one could expect abortion rate to reach levels similar to other European countries, i.e. approximately 150,000 per year. And yet, officially speaking, the number of abortions performed in the country barely exceeds 1,000.
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  • Seen from a leftist perspective
  • A socioecological view of Trump’s election

  • By Josef Baum | 24 Nov 16
  • The Trump vote has, without a doubt, had far-reaching effects on a number of levels, from global down to regional. The Trumps of this world want to (really) turn back the clock in all areas of society: from women’s rights to global and national upwards redistribution of wealth, armament and the trivialisation of an atomic weapons attack through to doing away with environmental and climatic protection.
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