• Mariya Ivancheva on the 5th of October general elections
  • “Bulgaria has still not reached the bottom”

  • 20 Oct 14
  • This interview was taken by Ioanna Drosou from the Greek newspaper Epohi and the original version in Greek is available >here. It has been published in English at >LeftEast platform.
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  • Solidarity with the Kurdish Struggle in Rojava

  • 07 Oct 14
  • On October 7 a group of Kurdish demonstrators entered the European Parliament to draw attention to the on-going violence in Kurdistan as Islamic State (IS) militants arrive at the Syria-Turkey border town of Kobane.
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  • Alter Summit Press Release
  • A Future European Commission Against the People Interests

  • 06 Oct 14
  • These days, the European Deputies will be induced to audition the candidates who were presented by the Member States for being part of the future European Commission. For Alter Summit, the team proposed by Jean-Claude Juncker is corrupted by the conflicts of interests and diametrically opposed to the European people interests.
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  • Left Strategy Project 2014: International Workshop
  • Democratizing the Police in Europe

  • 20 November 2014 - 22 November 2014 |   Athens
  • Presentation and discussion of the paper “Democratizing the Police in Europe”, by Georgios Papanicolaou and Giorgos Rigakos in cooperation with NPI.
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