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  • Portuguese election: Bloco doubles votes

  • 06 Oct 15
  • On 4 October 2015, 9.6 million Portuguese citizens were called upon to elect a new parliament. Bloco de Esquerda (Left Block), a member of the EL, reached a surprising 10.2 percent of the vote which is an unprecedented result and hence became the third strongest force in the country.
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  • Comment
  • Europe does not have a ‘migration problem’: it has a xenophobia problem

  • By Marco Siddi | 05 Oct 15
  • This year, Europe has experienced a growing influx of people who are fleeing from civil wars and failed states. According to the International Organization for Migration, approximately 350,000 people arrived in Europe by sea between January and August 2015 (compared to 219,000 for the whole of 2014): nearly 235,000 in crisis-ridden Greece, 114,000 in Italy and little over 2,000 in Spain.
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  • Call for tenders
  • Left-wing industrial policy

  • 01 Oct 15
  • The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Brussels office, calls for tenders for a study: “What room for manoeuvre does the current legal framework within the EU offer for a left-wing industrial policy?
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  • (30 March 1915 – 27 September 2015)
  • Pietro Ingrao: A Life of Struggle

  • 29 Sep 15
  • Pietro Ingrao, a hugely influential figure in Italian Communism, died last Sunday, 27 September, aged 100. A look back at his life reveals many of the debates in the post-war European left, as well as Ingrao's own commitment to a Marxism that was both uncompromising and dynamic.
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  • Political Declaration
  • World March of Women

  • 28 Sep 15
  • We, the members of the International Committee of the World March of Women, meeting in Quebec, Canadá, from 12 to 15 September 2015 state: Our solidarity to the women of the region of Quebec, place of birth of the World March of Women, and our recognition of their struggles and resistances.
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  • After the September Elections
  • What Now for Greece?

  • By Elisabeth Gauthier | 24 Sep 15
  • The task in this election was to get a clear mandate from the voters to form a solid parliamentary majority and a battle-ready government that can deploy all possible levers for ameliorating Greece’s negotiating position, reject the most unacceptable dictates, relaunch the economy and work towards rebuilding productive capacity, renegotiate the debt, and introduce social justice criteria into public policy.
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  • Refugee crisis and Hungary

  • By Matyas Benyik | 23 Sep 15
  • Before the current refugee crisis Hungary’s immigration policy focused on the fight against illegal migration, but an explicit overall migration strategy was blatantly lacking.
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  • A Victory for the Left in Britain

  • By Kate Hudson | 14 Sep 15
  • The victory of Jeremy Corbyn, elected as leader of the Labour Party, has shattered the austerity consensus that has dominated British politics for the last five years – and the neo-liberal consensus of the last two decades or more.
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  • Marches of Dignity
  • “Oxi! Basta! Enough! – Build another Europe!”

  • 01 October 2015 - 18 October 2015 |   Brussels etc.
  • Call to all organizations and movements sharing our motto to integrate the action framework, contribute to our program and join us for the European Marches and in Brussels on 15, 16 and 17 October.
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Spain is facing crucial elections that will have the utmost importance for Europe.

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