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EL - transform! Summer University at Werbellinsee, Germany

Successful Summer University 2014 – “Stand Up for Peace – In Solidarity”

Under the unfortunately red-hot slogan: “Stand up for Peace – In Solidarity” about 300 participants and numerous day guests from Berlin and Brandenburg came together from 23 to 27 July for the 9th Summer University of the European Left.


Statement of the European Left Summer University

NO TO WAR, Stop Rearmament: European Day for Peace – 4 September

September 4-5 there will be a NATO summit in Wales. On the agenda is a demand for all NATO countries to raise military budgets to at least 2% of the GDP. This is the direct preparation for an...


Brochure: Analyses and demands for an offensive EU-policy

Can Europe still be saved?

Leading representatives of the German trade unions explore the fault lines and the austerity-policy orientation of Europe from different angles.


Piketty, Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Modern Capitalism = An Oligarchic Society?

By Joachim Bischoff , Bernhard Müller - 09 Jul 14

Thomas Piketty, an economist who has for several years been dealing with the relations of distribution in capitalist societies, a field probed by Anthony Atkinson and Emmanuel Saez, has triggered a breach with traditional valuations and social perspectives in both science and public discussion.



rssicon Association Culturelle Joseph Jacquemotte
La "Crise", des années 30 à nos jours : une mise en perspective

Par François D'Agostino, historien – animateur ACJJ. Depuis les débuts de la "crise financière" (on verra en quoi cette dénomination est trompeuse) et économique généralisée, la comparaison entre la...
rssicon Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
Mehr oder weniger?

Wachstumskritik von links. Reihe «Materialien».
rssicon Institute for Labour Studies
Umetnost in marksistična teorija v kontekstu kritike politične ekonomije

Slovensko društvo za estetiko in Inštitut za delavske študije v sodelovanju z založbo Sophia in založbo Studia humanitatis ter s podporo Stare elektrarne in Zavoda Bunker vabita k udeležbi na...
rssicon Espaces Marx
Parution de la Newsletter 8/2014

Voir le PDF - Newsletter de Transform !
rssicon Europe of Citizens Foundation (FEC)
NO A LA GUERRA, parar el rearme

Comunicado de prensa del Partido de la Izquierda Europea llamando a un día europeo por la paz coincidiendo con la celebración de la cumbre de la OTAN el 4 de septiembre. Universidad de Verano del PIE,...