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Municipal elections in France

Historic failure for Social-Democratic Left

By Elisabeth Gauthier - 23 Apr 14

The abstention levels of 39% were a record high for municipal elections. They were particularly high in areas most affected by the crisis; in metropolitan communes; among the young; workers; and voters of the Front de Gauche (Left Front) and of the FN (National Front). In addition, almost 3 million potential voters were not registered to vote.


Based on an Alter Summit Seminar on the Far Right

Theses on the Struggle against Right-Wing Extremism in Europe

To learn better to understand the realities in the different European countries regarding the Right in its various forms and also to study systematically the political issues involved, the Alter Summit network hold this European seminar “Strategies for the Struggle Against the Far Right and Neo-Fascism in Europe” in Budapest on 3 April 2014.


GUE/NGL: New rules will not tackle ‘too big to fail’ banks

Banking union package won’t shield citizens from unruly financial sector

In the banking union debate in the European Parliament on 15 April, GUE/NGL MEPs argued that the package does not solve the key problems that lead to citizens being forced to fork out for failed banks.


Report: International Conference in Copenhagen

“More Alternatives to Growth”

By Martin Jespersen , Inger V. Johansen - 21 Apr 14

Tranform!Danmark held its third international conference on 15 March this year – the first and the second had taken place in March 2012 and 2013 respectively. These international conferences in Copenhagen are efforts to promote alternative thinking and politics to environmental and mainstream economy and thinking, with the two last conferences having focused on alternatives to growth and to so-called “green growth”.


Bosnia and Herzegovina
100 years after World War I

Peace Event Sarajevo 2014

The Peace Event in Sarajevo will be one of the major gatherings on Non-violence and Peace and an important opportunity for all the participants to exchange their experiences, thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and passion for peace building and human rights.


First Outcomes of an International Debt Conference in Brussels

EL Advocates for Remodelling of European Financial Institutions

On 10 April the Party of the European Left (EL) and transform! europe jointly organized an International Conference in Brussels. The aim of the meeting was to explore the alternatives to solve the problem of the debt and stop the austerity policies.


Free Online Publication

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Author: John Hilary. A Charter for Deregulation, an Attack on Jobs, an End to Democracy. Published by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Brussels Office.


Free online publication out now

Europe Has a Different Future

The brochure “Europe Has a Different Future” is a co-production of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and transform! europe and collects critical contributions from Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Germany and other countries.



rssicon Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
Wie sich der Karren aus dem Dreck ziehen lässt

Kontroversen in der griechischen Linken. Von Euclid Tsaklotos und Christos Laskos.
rssicon Association Culturelle Joseph Jacquemotte
Municipales françaises (1/2) : la débâcle socialiste, une leçon pour la Gauche.

La déroute de la majorité présidentielle lors des élections locales de 2014 sanctionne impitoyablement son divorce d'avec ceux qui l'avaient portée au pouvoir en 2012. Incapable de fédérer les déçus...
rssicon Fondation Copernic
Le double langage de Jean-Christophe Cambadélis

Le tout nouveau premier secrétaire du Parti socialiste est entré immédiatement dans la campagne pour les élections européennes, avec pour objectif de renégocier les « critères de Maastricht »,...
rssicon Europe of Citizens Foundation (FEC)
IIª Feria de economía solidaria de Madrid

rssicon Institute for Labour Studies
May Day School 2014

The Insititute for labour studies’ May day school 2014 “CLASSES ON THE PERIPHERY” 30. April – 3. May, 2014 Slovenia, Ljubljana, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana Today, the European...
rssicon Alternative Foundation
Feminisme i Transformació social: l’experiència boliviana i equatoriana

Us esperem aquest dissabte, 26 d’abril a les 10.00 a la Casa Golferichs (Gran Via, 491)! Comptarem amb les intervencions d’Eva Palomo,  Sara Porras,  Marga Ferré i Adoración Guamán