• Water charges movement shakes Irish politics
  • The Poster-Child Misbehaves

  • By Ronan Burtenshaw | 16 Apr 15
  • Ireland has been the "Poster-Child" of austerity policies. The government wants to impose water charges which would hit low earners disproportionally and pave the way for privatisation. Unseen protests emerged all across Ireland since 2012. Ronan Butenshaw gives an overview.
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  • Game about next government is still almost completely open
  • Finnish parliamentary elections on 19 April

  • By Ruurik Holm | 13 Apr 15
  • The past election period has been demanding for the government. Many commentators consider the sitting government as one of the worst in the Finnish history. The economic situation of Finland is gloomy. The government has failed to implement each and every one of its planned large-scale reforms. Out of the original six parties only four are left, after the Left Alliance and the Greens quit the government in 2014. The instability of the government increased after these two junior partners had left it.
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  • Workshop of transform! Akademia Working Group on Energy
  • For a Democratic European Energy Model

  • 18 April 2015 - 19 April 2015 |   Brussels
  • In 2015 climate issues seem to be at the top of the political agenda, as is shown by the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Paris towards the end of the year. Most of the head of...
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  • Workshop of RLS Brussels and transform!
  • Left Industrial Policy in Europe

  • 27 April 2015 - 28 April 2015 |   Brussels
  • The multiple crises put the European left parties and social movements under pressure to find answers to often contradicting challenges. One of these many challenges lies at the heart of this project.
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  • Declaration of the Assembly of Social Movements – WSF 2015
  • Peoples, united, never shall be defeated!

  • 01 Apr 15
  • The Assembly of Social Movements of the WSF 2015, Tunisia is where we come together in all our diversity, in order to forge a collective agenda to fight capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, racism and all forms of discrimination and oppression.
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  • Divisions in Europe and Challenges for the Left
  • European Elections: A Snapshot of the Balance of Power
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Confetti-attack by activist Josephine Witt on Mario Draghi: "End ECB dick-tatorship"


Can right-wing parties with a nationalist and populist agenda come into power even in the core of the EU? Of which character is the challenge they are posing to the Left?

The win of SYRIZA in the Greek elections is in the centre of interest of social movements, trade unions and progressive political forces in Europe.

Resignation vs. rebellion: individual approaches to the predominance of capitalism; preconditions and obstacles for social transformation.

Up-to-date analyses of the crisis, a deeper theoretical examination of its structural causes and debates on political alternatives.