• Report of the WSF 2015 Convergence Assembly

  • 01 Apr 15
  • Support to Greek people, fighting against austerity, for democracy and social change. Tunis – February 29th 2015
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  • Declaration of the Assembly of Social Movements – World Social Forum 2015
  • Peoples, united, never shall be defeated!

  • 01 Apr 15
  • The Assembly of Social Movements of the WSF 2015, Tunisia is where we come together in all our diversity, in order to forge a collective agenda to fight capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, racism and all forms of discrimination and oppression.
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  • Study “Greece: Solidarity and Adjustment in Times of Crisis”
  • Austerity reduced household income drastically

  • 25 Mar 15
  • Austerity in Greece led to drastic income reductions for private households. Households with medium or low income were hit hardest. This is what Tassos Giannitsis and Stavros Zografakis show in their study “Greece: Solidarity and Adjustment in Times of Crisis”.
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  • Preface
  • Syriza and Europe
  • Essays
  • Divisions in Europe and Challenges for the Left
  • European Elections: A Snapshot of the Balance of Power
  • Activity Report
  • Book Order

Video of the Week

20.000s have been marching in Brussels at "la grande parade" - "de grote Parade" of the "Hart boven Hard" movement and its francophone counterpart "Tout autre chose" on 29 March. It’s a Belgian citizen movement open to all of those that seek to develop alternatives to austerity polices - beyond trade unions and parties, even though they were present. Their core values are democracy, solidarity, cooperation, ecology, and dignity.


In the 2014 EP-elections radical right-wing parties became in three countries the strongest forces. Can right-wing parties with a nationalist and populist agenda come into power even in the core of...

The win of SYRIZA in the Greek elections is in the centre of interest of social movements, trade unions and progressive political forces in Europe.

Resignation vs. rebellion: individual approaches to the predominance of capitalism; preconditions and obstacles for social transformation.

Up-to-date analyses of the crisis, a deeper theoretical examination of its structural causes and debates on political alternatives.