• Italian appeal
  • Change Greece - Change Europe

  • 18 Dec 14
  • transform! europe and tansform! italy are promoting a network of European solidarity in support of the possibility that the next elections in Greece will be an expression of a desire for change and rupture of austerity policies. Find here the appeal and signatures by Italian intellectuals, politicians, unionists and artists.
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  • What is the True Plan of Mr. Juncker?

  • By Christian Pilichowski | 15 Dec 14
  • European Commission’s president Jean-Claude Juncker unveiled on Wednesday 26 November his €315 bn investment plan to – in his opinion – kick-start EU growth and create one million jobs. Between empty announcement effects and further attacks on labour, what is the true plan of Mr. Juncker?
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Video of the Week

On December 15, 2014, a 24-hour general strike brought Belgium to a standstill as trade unions shutdown airports, trains, ports, highways, shops, factories, schools and government offices.
It was the first general strike in Belgium since 1993 and was part of wave of actions against the latest austerity polices of the centre-right government, headed by Prime Minister Charles Michel, who took office in October.


The possible win of SYRIZA in the next Greek elections is in the centre of interest of social movements, trade unions and progressive political forces in Europe.

Up-to-date analyses of the crisis, a deeper theoretical examination of its structural causes and debates on political alternatives.

Resignation vs. rebellion: individual approaches to the predominance of capitalism; preconditions and obstacles for social transformation.

New social actors pose new challenges to organisational structures for political action.