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  • 16 Jan 15
  • 300 intellectuals, trade unionists, artists and activists from all over the world, have launched an appeal uniting their voices to say: “We will defend the right of the Greek people to make their decisions freely; to break with austerity; to say ‘no’ to the humanitarian crisis which has plagued the country; to pave the way for a real alternative for Greece – for a social and democratic reorientation.”
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  • Ongoing call for support
  • Publication of the EuroMemorandum 2015

  • 16 Jan 15
  • We are pleased to inform you about the online publication of the new EuroMemorandum: “What future for the European Union – Stagnation and polarisation or new foundations?”. Almost 300 economists and social scientists from all over Europe and beyond have already expressed their support for the EuroMemorandum 2015.
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  • Interview with Axel Troost, German LINKE MP
  • Austerity wrecks economy and society

  • 16 Jan 15
  • Axel Troost, the financial policy speaker of the parliamentary group DIE LINKE in the German Bundestag, met with leading Syriza politicians. In this interview, he explains why a debt cut is not the most immediate issue, and how Syriza aims to re-build the mismanaged Greek state. The primary challenge, he says, is an end to the devastating austerity policy.
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Yanis Varoufakis: Why I am running for election in Greece on the SYRIZA ticket


The possible win of SYRIZA in the next Greek elections is in the centre of interest of social movements, trade unions and progressive political forces in Europe.

Resignation vs. rebellion: individual approaches to the predominance of capitalism; preconditions and obstacles for social transformation.

Up-to-date analyses of the crisis, a deeper theoretical examination of its structural causes and debates on political alternatives.