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  • Water, Canned Food and Bullets...

  • 22 Oct 14
  • It has been a week since the day that the murderers of ISIS began their attack. The surrounding area has been evacuated completely. 160.000 people have abandoned the region from Rozava provinence and lower. Dead band. Every inch of the western Turkey-Syria borderline has starved life. It is a No man’s land. Just a single dot is left alive. It is a ray of light and struggle surrounded by the thickest darkness. It is a ray of light. The barricades of Kobani.
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  • Cuba’s Impressive Role on Ebola

  • 21 Oct 14
  • Cuba is an impoverished island that remains largely cut off from the world and lies about 4,500 miles from the West African nations where Ebola is spreading at an alarming rate. Yet, having pledged...
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  • Mariya Ivancheva on the 5th of October general elections
  • “Bulgaria has still not reached the bottom”

  • 20 Oct 14
  • This interview was taken by Ioanna Drosou from the Greek newspaper Epohi and the original version in Greek is available >here. It has been published in English at >LeftEast platform.
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  • Left Strategy Project 2014: International Workshop
  • Democratizing the Police in Europe

  • 21 November 2014 - 23 November 2014 |   Athens
  • Presentation and discussion of the paper “Democratizing the Police in Europe”, by Georgios Papanicolaou and Giorgos Rigakos in cooperation with NPI and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.
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Video of the Week

When migrants tried to jump the fence in Melilla on 15/10/2014, Spanish police and auxiliary forces treated them with particular brutality. Almost all of the migrants were deported from Spain absolutely illegally. Also dozens of injured migrants were deported and handed over to the Moroccan armed forces.

In the video we can see what happened that day. A special focus is placed on Danny from Cameroon, aged 23, who was one of the victims. We have received contradictory information and do not know whether he is dead or alive.