• First outcome of the Vienna Seminar
  • Civil society's respond to the change in Greece

  • 02 Mar 15
  • With the SYRIZA government in Greece Europe, the Left in Europe as well as progressive social movements and trade unions are entering in a new phase with new opportunities and challenges. transform! europe invited on 23 and 24 February to a seminar in order to deepen the discussion on how to cope with the new situation.
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  • The Far Right in Europe

  • By Walter Baier | 02 Mar 15
  • In last year’s European elections of which in three countries (Great Britain, Denmark and France) radical right-wing nationalist parties became the strongest forces.
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  • ITUC on the Greece-EU Accord
  • IMF should not play politics with European recovery

  • 02 Mar 15
  • The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has strongly criticised the negative attitude the International Monetary Fund has taken towards the agreement reached on 24 February between Eurozone finance ministers and the Greek government for a four-month extension of the current European crisis loan to Greece.
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  • Syriza and Europe
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  • Divisions in Europe and Challenges for the Left
  • European Elections: A Snapshot of the Balance of Power
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This Is What Energy Democracy Looks Like


In the 2014 EP-elections radical right-wing parties became in three countries the strongest forces. Can right-wing parties with a nationalist and populist agenda come into power even in the core of...

The win of SYRIZA in the Greek elections is in the centre of interest of social movements, trade unions and progressive political forces in Europe.

Resignation vs. rebellion: individual approaches to the predominance of capitalism; preconditions and obstacles for social transformation.

Up-to-date analyses of the crisis, a deeper theoretical examination of its structural causes and debates on political alternatives.