• Regional Integration as an Alternative Strategy?
  • The Social Forum on Regional Integration From July 21 to 24 a social forum on regional integration took place at Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. It addressed the possibilities of struggling against the free trade policies imposed on Latin American, African...
  • What are we Arguing?
  • The purpose of left politics is to encourage and convince people to work together in solidarity for their interests and for those of the underprivileged. Left politics tries democratically to reduce and solve political, social, ecological and global problems and...
  • A Social Europe or No Europe
  • ”The ‘European social model‘ is still in its infancy. The European left could make this its hallmark, its joint project if only it has the will.“ (Michael Krätke) 1. Two main propositions are presented here. First: A modern left has a great political opportunity...
  • Left Actors and the European Social Model
  • In June, the European Commission opened the pilot phase of the upcoming European Political Foundations by issuing a public call for projects which have to be submitted to the Commission by September. Responding to the call of the E.C., Transform! and the European...


  • Promoting the social commons
  • Sustaining the planet, preparing the future, building another world … this daunting task for current generations is also a promising manifestation of care for the future of humankind and of nature.
  • Ecosocialism, Climate Change and Left Politics
  • Climate change is the most serious and acute threat currently faced by humanity. What is the left approach to the issue? Different aspects of ecosocialism were discussed in the international seminar “The Climate Change and Left Politics”, hold in Helsinki on 24 October. The seminar also functioned as a publication event of the book “The Politics of Ecosocialism – Transforming welfare”.


  • From Industrial Policy to a European Productive Reconstruction
  • The discussion of a productive reconstruction of Europe’s economy goes beyond the development of a European industrial policy. It embraces also the relationship with the environmental challenge and the re-invention of democratic forms of workers’ participation in the development of their craft and companies. At any rate it is substantial for finding an exit of the lingering crisis of European integration.