• The Foundation of the “United Left”
  • After some months of intensive discussion on a common program, three parties of the Slovene alternative Left, the “Party for Sustainable Development” (TRS), the “Democratic Labor Party” (DSD) and the “Initiative for Democratic Socialism” (IDS), agreed to join forces and compete together as a coalition in the crucial forthcoming European elections.
  • Slovenia
  • Rarely does a country experience European, parliamentary as well as local elections in a period of less than 6 months, but that is exactly what is happening in Slovenia right now. Results of recent European elections, being the first election of the three to be...


  • May Day School 2013
  • The May Day School is a traditional event within the Spring-Summer conference circuit in the Balkans, held each year at the end of April by The Workers and Punks’ University (WPU) - a collective of students, researchers and activists from Ljubljana, Slovenia.