• The Raging Tempo of the Long Decline - A Manifesto
  • Between the end of feudalism and a future society, the bourgeois epoch is spread out like a battlefield on which everything is civic and cosy so long as the countries, between military wars, can revel in mere financial wars and economic crises. Happily, the much...
  • The Communist Manifesto in Perspective
  • The following text is taken from the manuscript of Eric Hobsbawm’s opening address to the international conference organised by Espaces Marx on the 150th anniversary of the Communist Manifesto and held at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris in 1998. The text was subsequently included in slightly revised versions in books published in France, Germany and the UK. We thank Hinrich Kuhl for his support.
  • Towards a Common European Historical Narrative?
  • On 24 March transform!europe organised a debate on the ‘European House of History’ (HEH) project in order to elaborate critical approaches to the public use of history and particularly the creation of HEH decided on and funded by the European Parliament in 2009...


  • Nachruf auf Eric J. Hobsbawm (1917-2012)
  • Er hatte das „kurze“ 20. Jahrhundert“ um mehr als zwei Jahrzehnte überlebt. Eric J. Hobsbawm war einer der großen Denker, die jenes vergangene Säkulum hervorbrachte. Von der Berufung her Historiker, war er zugleich Geschichtenerzähler und Geschichtsphilosoph....
  • Few Points Regarding the Sense of the Revolution
  • On the background of this year’s 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution Jiří Dolejš contemplates the role of revolutionary turmoil and its impact on the human society as well as the requirements under which a real change can be achieved.