• United Kingdom
  • Results 2014 Turnout: 36 % UKIP: 26.77 % - 24 seats Labour: 24.74 % - 20 seats Conservatives: 23.31 % - 19 seats Green: 7.67 % - 2 seats Liberal Democrats: 6.69 % - 1 seat Sinn Fein: 0,66 % - 1 seatOthers: 6 % Correspondent: Dan Hough +++ Election...
  • Brexit – Touchstone for the Corbyn Leadership?
  • The decision of the Labour Party’s electorate to elect Jeremy Corbyn Labour leader for the second time within 12 months was a temporary victory for the left of the party and gives it a respite. Despite the continuous attacks against Corbyn after the shock outcome of the Brexit referendum, the new old new chairman has been able to strengthen his position in the party.


  • Tories will continue to rule a less-United Kingdom
  • Against all predictions, conservative Prime Minister David Cameron was able to obtain an absolute majority in the general election held in the UK on 7 May 2015. It was a political earthquake of an election, for many reasons. The populist right-wing movement made clear that it was here to stay, while Scotland confirmed that it was swimming against the tide with even greater fervor than before.
  • The UK and the EU Referendum
  • The United Kingdom's EU referendum, which takes place on 23 June, provides a challenge to the Left. It should be answered by a “remain” vote, together with the rallying cry for #AnotherEurope, a better Europe.
  • Britain at a Turning Point
  • As the British referendum campaign on EU membership enters its final days, the tension and anger is palpable. Traditional fault lines in politics are breaking down as the divisions over Remain or Leave cross and re-cross through parties and movements where typically in a general election period sympathies would be predictable and tolerated.
  • The UK after the EU Referendum
  • On 23rd June 2016, Britain voted to leave the European Union – the so-called Brexit vote. On a turn out of 72.2%, 51.9% voted to Leave and 48.1% to Remain, thereby defeating the position of both Cameron’s Conservative government and the Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. This was a hard fought campaign, with its fair share of lies and dirty tricks.