• The Left in Finland After the Elections
  • On March 18, 2007 parliamentary elections took place in Finland. The result was a victory for the opposition National Coalition Party, i.e. the conservatives. The party obtained 22.3 % of the votes, an increase of 3.7 % compared to the previous parliamentary...


  • Finland
  • Election results in Finland The Left managed to win by a clear margin in the elections in Finland. Increasing their share of the vote by 3.4 per cent, the Left Alliance was able to rightly call itself the real winner of these elections. This result also meant...


  • Finnish parliamentary elections on 19 April
  • The past election period has been demanding for the government. Many commentators consider the sitting government as one of the worst in the Finnish history. The economic situation of Finland is gloomy. The government has failed to implement each and every one of its planned large-scale reforms. Out of the original six parties only four are left, after the Left Alliance and the Greens quit the government in 2014. The instability of the government increased after these two junior partners had left it.