Europäische Union


  • Transformed Treaty – But No Transformation of Europe!
  • Let us recall first of all the principal stages envisaged for the process that is supposed to lead to the future European Treaty: On July 23, 2007, the ministers of foreign relations of the “27” met in Brussels to launch the intergovernmental conference (IGC)....
  • The Future and the Constitution
  • The Left was always internationalist. We wish to end the threat of war and the subordination of poor and weak states to the rich and powerful ones. We accept neither social and humanitarian inequality, nor the numerous unsolved international problems in the area...
  • Another Constitutional Prospect for Political Europe
  • The failure of the project of the European political and technocratic elites to constitutionalise of the European Union (EU) obliges us to reconsider the foundations and the process of the political unification of the European states and the formation of a...
  • The European Union – Superpower or Power for Peace
  • It would be interesting, to say the least, to know if the political, economic, social and cultural system of what is called the European Union was what the first advocates of the Pan-European concept envisaged. The question seems all the more actual and...
  • Externalities: How Social and Ecological is the EU?
  • Globalisation is itself nothing new in human history. However, in the last 20 years, due to the collapse of actually-existing socialism and the rapid pace of development of information technologies under the influence of the 500 biggest transcontinental private...
  • Renewal of the European Social Model
  • Europe is shifting into greater public view. On the one hand, party political actors are announcing that social Europe is our democratic answer to globalisation. On the other hand, the process of the constitutional treaty has been blocked. In referenda and...
  • Der Stabilitätsvertrag: ein Fehler oder ein Verbrechen?
  • Im Herbst 2012 gaben sich die Regierungen der Mitgliedsstaaten der Wirtschafts- und Währungsunion (WWU) der Europäischen Union alle Mühe, den WWU-Vertrag über Stabilität, Koordinierung und Steuerung (den sogenannten Fiskalpakt) möglichst schnell zu ratifizieren.
  • Der „harte Kern“ der Europäischen Integration
  • Völlig zurecht konstatiert Sotiropoulos, dass der Euro nicht einfach eine Währung, sondern ein Mechanismus ist: „It has set up a particular form of symbiosis among different capitalist economies.“ (Sotiropoulos 2012, 66) Was ist aber die materielle Natur dieser „symbiosis among different capitalist economies“?


  • EP Elections From a Left Perspective
  • With its EP14 project, transform! europe covers in cooperation with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the French journal Regards the European Parliament elections from a left perspective. Find the election results of all EU countries, election analysis, comments...
  • The Future of European Integration
  • A number of Leftist conferences recently convened in Paris, Berlin and Madrid addressed the issue of an alternative plan for Europe. We as transform! were present in all the events as we believe that an open and comeradely debate without any taboos is necessary.
  • A Europe built on solidarity is possible!
  • European Integration is currently undergoing its most difficult phase since the Treaties of Rome entered into force. The European Union (EU) has shown itself incapable of dealing with the structural flaws inherent to the Maastricht Economic and Monetary Union.
  • Brexit – Touchstone for the Corbyn Leadership?
  • The decision of the Labour Party’s electorate to elect Jeremy Corbyn Labour leader for the second time within 12 months was a temporary victory for the left of the party and gives it a respite. Despite the continuous attacks against Corbyn after the shock outcome of the Brexit referendum, the new old new chairman has been able to strengthen his position in the party.


  • Alexis Tsipras: Europe at a crossroads
  • On the eve of a week of final negotiations between Greece and its creditors, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, defends the actions of his government in an article published yesterday in “”.
  • Auftreten statt Austreten
  • Der Fall Griechenlands, die oktroyierte Austertitätspolitik durch die Euro-Finanzgruppe und die Erpressung der griechischen Regierung zur Umsetzung neoliberaler Programme durch Hardliner der deutschen und einiger anderer Regierungen hat in der Partei DIE LINKE zu einer Diskussion über die Haltung zur Währungsunion und der Europäischen Union geführt mit dem Ziel, sie in Richtung einer Austrittsoption zu ändern.
  • The UK and the EU Referendum
  • The United Kingdom's EU referendum, which takes place on 23 June, provides a challenge to the Left. It should be answered by a “remain” vote, together with the rallying cry for #AnotherEurope, a better Europe.
  • Britain at a Turning Point
  • As the British referendum campaign on EU membership enters its final days, the tension and anger is palpable. Traditional fault lines in politics are breaking down as the divisions over Remain or Leave cross and re-cross through parties and movements where typically in a general election period sympathies would be predictable and tolerated.
  • Refoundation Means Discontinuity With the Past*
  • Nobody, of course, can deny the significance for Europe of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. However, my view is that this historic event with its unknown consequences for the future of European integration is only a symptom of the general turmoil prevailing in Europe since the outbreak of the systemic crisis in 2008.
  • The UK after the EU Referendum
  • On 23rd June 2016, Britain voted to leave the European Union – the so-called Brexit vote. On a turn out of 72.2%, 51.9% voted to Leave and 48.1% to Remain, thereby defeating the position of both Cameron’s Conservative government and the Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. This was a hard fought campaign, with its fair share of lies and dirty tricks.