• A Modest Proposal for Resolving the Eurozone Crisis, Version 3.0
  • 1. Prologue For two years now, caught up in a Crisis of its own making, Europe is fragmenting. A euro in a Greek bank has a lower expected value than a euro in a Spanish bank, which, in turn, trails the value of a euro in a German bank account. There can be no...
  • A Left Government to Conquer the Debt
  • 1. The Portuguese problem is democratic. This problem is the democratic answer to the blackmail of debt and the austerity that results from it, with social effects that destroy Portugal. This is the problem of problems. 2. If the debt is not overcome, Portugal...
  • Sortir de l’euro, mais comment ?
  • Beaucoup, notamment à gauche, continuent de croire qu’on va changer l’euro. Qu’on va passer de l’euro austéritaire présent à un euro enfin rénové, progressiste et social. Cela n’arrivera pas. Il suffirait d’évoquer l’absence de tout levier politique en l’état...
  • A Europe built on solidarity is possible!
  • European Integration is currently undergoing its most difficult phase since the Treaties of Rome entered into force. The European Union (EU) has shown itself incapable of dealing with the structural flaws inherent to the Maastricht Economic and Monetary Union.