• Copenhagen Summit: People Must Adopt These Issues As Their Own
  • Emergency climate control and social justice: people must adopt these issues as vital ones. Yet, a few days before the opening of the Copenhagen Summit, the chances of arriving at an agreement on these questions are minimal. There are four major areas of...
  • “More Alternatives to Growth”
  • Tranform!Danmark held its third international conference on 15 March this year – the first and the second had taken place in March 2012 and 2013 respectively. These international conferences in Copenhagen are efforts to promote alternative thinking and politics to environmental and mainstream economy and thinking, with the two last conferences having focused on alternatives to growth and to so-called “green growth”.
  • Perspectives to Sustainable Futures
  • The Nordic joint transform! project brings together ideas on ecosocialist paths for future welfare states. These ideas were presented first time publicly at the Historical Materialism Conference in London.
  • Ecosocialism, Climate Change and Left Politics
  • Climate change is the most serious and acute threat currently faced by humanity. What is the left approach to the issue? Different aspects of ecosocialism were discussed in the international seminar “The Climate Change and Left Politics”, hold in Helsinki on 24 October. The seminar also functioned as a publication event of the book “The Politics of Ecosocialism – Transforming welfare”.
  • “System Change, Not Climate Change”
  • The United Nations Conference on Climate (COP 21) is taking place in Paris. But while the situation is grim, international climate justice and social movements, citizens’ organisations and trade unions are determined to remain united in the Climate 21 Coalition.
  • Background of the climate negotiations in Paris
  • On 30 November the 21st UN Climate Change Summit (COP21) started in Paris. All the way since the Rio Conference in 1992, the aim of these summits has been to agree on policies which can stop global warming and prevent climate catastrophe.
  • Civil Society Declaration of Marrakech
  • We, Moroccan, Maghreb, African and International social movements, assembled in Marrakech during COP22, reaffirm our determination to build and defend climate justice, and to act now in order to ensure global warmingremains under the target of 1.5°C – in line with commitments made by heads of state in Paris.