• Basic Income in Austria: A Research Proposal
  • In the last decade the condition of Austria’s population and that of other EU member states has deteriorated, with increasingly unequal income distribution, a greater number of working poor and high levels of unemployment. Thus, it comes as no surprise that...


  • „Europa anders“ steht auf gegen Bankenhaftung
  • Zehn Tage hat Martin Ehrenhauser, Spitzenkandidat der österreichischen linken Wahlallianz „Europa anders“, vor dem Bundeskanzleramt in Wien campiert. Der parteilose Europaabgeordnete und seine Mitstreiter_innen protestieren gegen die „Rettung“ der Bank Hypo Alpe-Adria, die 18 Mrd. Euro kosten wird.


  • The (Not So) Slow Murder of the Geneva Convention
  • The Reactionary Rebellion (read the essay by Walter Baier) is gaining steam in Austria and Germany and de-facto abolishing the Geneva convention on refugees, which sets a dangerous precedent for others in the region.
  • Departing Towards a New Left in Austria?
  • On 3 and 4 June, around 1000 people came together in Vienna for the “Aufbruch” (“departure”) conference, hoping to create a movement, that, however defined, could serve as a new umbrella of the Austrian left and as a challenge and alternative to the anti-social and right-leaning state of Austrian politics right now.