• Regarding "The Return Directive"
  • Letter from Evo Morales regarding proposed new European Union Immigration policies: Until the end of the Second World War, Europe was a continent of emigrants. Tens of millions of Europeans came to the Americas to colonize, escape hunger, financial crisis,...
  • Fires at the Periphery of Stockholm
  • Mid May, Stockholm suburbs have been ablaze with fires. Cars have been torched in suburbs around the city and when the fire-fighters and police arrive they have been met by youths throwing stones. Why this? Why now? How come in Sweden?
  • Refugee crisis and Hungary
  • Before the current refugee crisis Hungary’s immigration policy focused on the fight against illegal migration, but an explicit overall migration strategy was blatantly lacking.
  • Open The Doors, No To Walls
  • After the Paris attacks, Europe is closing its borders. The volunteers of the Balkans migrants route react by proposing a European day of action on 18 December to "open the doors".
  • Political discourses and key elements of the refugee crisis
  • The so called refugee crisis and related discursive strategies have at least four key elements, namely the conflicts of the regions from where refugees come; change in the migratory position of Europe; overall structures of European identity and related political manoeuvring, and  the direct debates over modes of handling the refugee waves.
  • A left-wing refugee policy for the EU
  • Thesis 1: Century of Refugees The 21st century will be the Century of Refugees. Today, 91 percent of the migrants arriving in Greece are war refugees from countries like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Due to civil wars and climate catastrophes many more people...
  • 2nd Sabir Festival of Mediterranean Culture // Pozzallo 2016
  • The International Sabir Festival of Mediterranean Culture took place for the first time in Lampedusa in October 2014. The idea was to create a space that explores the potential social, economic and cultural dynamics around the Mediterranean, promotes a new identity for the region by combining local culture, innovative practices of hospitality and development and shifts the focus of discussion to the periphery.