Alter Summit


  • For Alternative Fronts
  • We are in an exceptional moment in history – a crisis of civilisation, a historic clash between the dominant and globalised capitalist system that has entered into a lasting crisis and the many-sided growth of a new world in which the forces for cooperation and...
  • ‘We Will Roll Back Austerity before it Destroys Democracy’
  • The Alter-Summit (AS) takes place in June in Athens, with the participation of hundreds of collectives and organisations from Europe and Greece. Already, in the European preparation committee there are more than 150 participant organisations, among them large...
  • The Alter-Summit: Unity of Action Is Necessary
  • Recent events surrounding attempts to ‘save’ Cyprus enable us to draw two different conclusions. On the one hand, they confirm that Europe is entering an ‘austerity’ dead end based on submission to market forces (particularly the financial markets) and on...


  • Altersummit: Another Europe Now!
  • The face of Europe is changing with dire consequences for citizens and for the future of the European project itself. What we experience today is the most serious denial of democracy since the end of World War II. European citizens are subjected to punitive...
  • Altersummit: Another Europe Now!
  • The European Union has reached an historical turning point. European political leaders and the economic and financial elites have taken advantage of the crisis to impose their own unjust, neoliberal and antidemocratic order.
  • Vorbereitung des „Alter Summit“
  • Am 6. Dezember des Vorjahres fand in Brüssel ein Strategietreffen der Organisationen statt, die den „Alter Summit der Europäischen Bevölkerungen“ (7.-9. Juni, Athen) vorbereiten.