• “A New Page is Being Turned”
  • What will happen between the Socialists, the Left Bloc and the Communists? An evaluation of the agreements between the socialist and the left parties in Portugal to support the socialist government.
  • Politics against fear. Notes on an electoral process
  • The 10.2% Left Block (BE) election score, more than doubling its parliamentary representation, reveals a partial overlap of tactical voting, the other face of depoliticized fear that importantly needs overcoming.
  • Left Block doubles votes
  • On 4 October 2015, 9.6 million Portuguese citizens were called upon to elect a new parliament. Bloco de Esquerda (Left Block), a member of the EL, reached a surprising 10.2 percent of the vote which is an unprecedented result and hence became the...
  • Precarious Telemedicine Workers Strike
  • After the right-wing majority failed Left Bloc and Communist Party’s proposals in Parliament to integrate these workers with a legal work contract, last Friday more than half of the 400 workers of the telemedicine service “Saúde 24” (Health 24) went...
  • Que Se Lixe a Troika! (“Screw the Troika!”)
  • Hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of Portuguese cities on 2 March, protesting austerity measures that the government hopes will help to avoid the bailout and lift the country out of recession.


  • Portugal
  • Elections 2014 +++ Analyses of the electoral results in the European Elections 2014 Portugal The European elections in Portugal use, as any other elections, the D'Hondt Method voting system. This means there are no barring clauses or...


  • The Crisis of Europe: Elements of a Political Strategy
  • Many of our friends have been asking the following question over the past few months: What if Portugal was to leave the Eurozone? Should I withdraw my savings, should I look for a foreign bank to deposit them, should I anticipate the payback of the...
  • Can PIGS Fly?
  • ”Thinking again?” the Duchess asked, with another dig of her sharp little chin. ”I’ve a right to think,” said Alice sharply, for she was beginning to feel a little worried. ”Just about as much right,” said the Duchess, “as pigs have to fly....” ...
  • The Political Centre and the European Construction
  • The ritual which we are experiencing here in 2008 within the process of European construction in 2008 – the ritual of distributing the report and extensive documentation to groups at the last minute - and in Portugal’s participation in it, has to be...